Design, Implementation, & Certification

At Secure Fiber Tech, reliable WiFi begins with the design process. Secure Fiber Tech has been designing and implementing WIFI in various environments including campuses, manufacturing, distribution, and the standard corporate offices throughout North America. Through the design process we establish what requirements your business needs and ensure they are met through a rigorous process.

In todays WIFI environment, signal strength is only one variable of 9 we take into account when designing WiFi for you. The first step is a predictive design through software to account for all variables in the environment we will be installing.  

Next, we will test our design and pre-determined attenuation loss through software in a real world environment, also known as “AP on a Stick.” This will ensure our predictive design is accurate. We will then move forward with installing the Access Points as determined by our Network Engineers. The cabling, terminations, and AP install are all installed by Secure Fiber Tech. This way there is no communication disconnect from a WiFi design vendor passing information onto a cabling vendor.  

Once all Access Points are installed and running. Secure Fiber Tech will conduct WiFi surveys to certify the design passes the coverage requirements. Our surveys will display heat maps which include the following:
‍Signal Strength
‍Secondary Signal Strength
‍Tertiary Signal Strength
‍SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)
‍Data Rate
‍Channel Interference
‍Number of Access Points
RTT (Round Trip Time)
Packet Loss

Through years of experience, we can ensure WiFi coverage in any environment.  

ECSE Design Certified

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