Structured Cabling

Design, Installation, & Certification

Consulting Services: We can work directly with you or your IT department on the type of system that makes sense for you. Including what type of cabling is right for your application, challenges with distances, design for different types and number of users, switching and server equipment, rack design and heat issues. We work with customers with a wide range of technical understanding. regardless of what level you have we can help with your project. We can provide complete documentation with our proposals for not only what is being installed but why.

Design: Complete design of system and full specifications from rack type, cable tray, space requirement, cable management, cable type, cable distribution and labeling. Secure Fiber Tech can provide full floor plans with detailed rack drawings. We will also design your system for moves and changes depending on your expected growth and future plans. We can design with the possibility of failure in mind so that downtime is minimized and the point of failure can be identified quickly.

Installation services: Secure Fiber Tech provides full service turn key installation. We have teams of fully trained technicians to install your system efficiently and neatly. We are a fully insured contractor that always adheres to national, state and local codes. We have on-site project management and the ability to make changes to an installation or plans quickly even for larger projects. Installation services include: all types of data cabling from CAT5 to CAT6A, Fiber backbones single or multi-mode, access point and wireless mesh systems, point to point wireless, video distribution systems, video surveillance cabling system, equipment racking, ladder rack, wire management and more.

Certification: Companies expect their cabling to work 24/7 without downtime but failure in design and installation can result in network problems which translates to wasted resources and lost revenue. This can be avoided by cable installers certifying cabling installations to industry standards We provide certification for all types of cabling systems from CAT5 and CAT6A data cables to coaxial and fiber optic cabling. We not only certify cabling in systems we install, we can test and certify existing cabling systems to make sure the meet industry standard and the cabling system will meet your performance needs. We will certify the cabling so you know that it is capable of the speed and application it was rated for, from 10Mbit to 10Gbit.

Maintenance: Cable maintenance is an important part of any structured cabling system. Cable systems can be damaged by a number of environmental factors. If there are problems with an existing system we can quickly identify the problems with the cabling in question. This includes finding breaks, animal damage, water damage, faulty installation, tampering and more. We have the tools to identify the problems and correct them quickly.

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